You are overweight because of your unhealthy and faulty liver, which is not detoxifying your blood and producing enough of fat-burning hormones. Instead it is letting fats pile up and water retain in your body.

Liver is very vital organ in your body and your survival is dependent on the liver's ability to perform its functions. It not only produces fat-burning hormones, rather it activates and regulates hormones produced by thyroid.

Those who have healthy liver can not be overweight, no matter what they eat.

Restoration of liver's health is guaranteed start of weight loss.

Being an overweight person you have two goals to achieve: Losing the existing fat and staying slim all your life .

Will you believe if I tell you that permanent solution to weight loss is food and food only?

It's absolutely true.

Food is energy as well as a medicine. And because of these qualities, food can bring lots of changes in our body by manipulating different types of hormones.

ˇ Food can make you overweight
ˇ Food can make you thin.
ˇ Food can make you healthy.
ˇ Food can make you sick!
ˇ Food can make you happy
ˇ Food can make you sad!
ˇ Food can make you weak
ˇ Food can make you strong
Food can increase or or decrease your libido

Did you know about such qualities of food? Believe it or not but it's true that food is mightier medicine than any proclaimed drug. And it is safe too.

Your metabolism is controlled by hormones and hormones are controlled by foods that you eat.

Special foods can promote health and functions of glands like liver and thyroid and cause them to release fat-burning hormones in blood flow, thus speeding up fat-burning process.

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